All about me…



I’m Georgie and have had a love/hate relationship with food for as long as I can remember. Love/hate in that I hate that I love it so much! My Mum’s a fabulous cook and from a young age has instilled in me the mantra ‘Delia, Madhur, fish&chips, Delia, Madur, moussaka, Delia, Madur, pizza, Delia, Madur, fajitas .. and you get the idea. I’m sure many will understand – what on earth do you you do, you have to feed yourself and your significant other for at least 250 days of the year? Where do you find inspiration? Traditionally… recipe books. I hope this blog will do more than a recipe book. its a place to share knowledge a place to engage and become excited by food and last but not least open your eyes to the fantastic array of ingredients and produce that we have on our doorsteps here in the capital. Also as much as I can I will share recipes that are low-fat and brimming with healthy goodness. All so you don’t have to worry about feeling guilty.


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