Gordon Ramsey Homemade Mayo!



Since i had home-made sushi i did feel it sorta lacked something and i think it’s best not to eat that much soya sauce either. In any case, this looks like a great LCHF friendly recipe for fresh mayo (don’t want any of that stuff from the store where it’s totally white).
I’m gonna try to make this (maybe a bit less as it won’t have as long shelf life as the ones you buy at the store)

Also i came across a minor problem. I don’t have an electric or manual whisk – but i do own a blender! Can you make Mayo in blender? YES! Can you make whipped cream in blender? YES! (Why didn’t i know this 5 days ago when i tried to make whipped cream..with a fork :/ )

I found a nice link with instructions on how to make home made Mayo & Whipped…

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