IndiGo – Our London shopping luncheon



Once every few months – I have the urge … no no… I have the NEED to get into London for a proper shopping experience!!!

As my alter-ego name clearly states… (why) I am not skinny… and Belgian shops (in fact – pretty much most of Europe) only caters for the smaller sized gals… those that think lunch is a carrot stick and dinner is a pack of cigarettes washed down with a bottle of expensive French wine (yes, yes… the claws are out – but I don’t mean any disrespect – *promise*)…. just that clothes shopping in Brussels for me is sad and depressing and I walk away with a pair of shoes (the only thing that will fit)…. While clothes shopping in London is exciting and always return with a plethora of new items!

So where to go in London for a bit of retail therapy? Well you can…

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