MUSE: Spring break food diary


The Daily Free Now

By Brooke Jackson-Glidden, MUSE Food Editor

It’s official. We’ve been back from spring break for more than one week. Still feeling the effects of withdrawal? Got the mid-semester blues? Luckily, Brooke Jackson-Glidden, MUSE Food Editor, can look back at her spring break with more than just a forlorn feeling. And in typical foodie fashion, she looks back with her pleasantly rumbling stomach. Read on:

This spring break, I was lucky enough to spend a week in one of the great food capitals of the world: New York. As tough as it is for me to admit as a Bostonian, there’s just no place in the country (excluding maybe San Francisco) where it’s more fun to be a foodie than in The City. Chefs like Jean Georges Vongerichten and Mario Batali, restaurants like Eleven Madison Park and Le Bernadin, all call New York their home. The food coverage in The New…

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