A Spoonful Of Sugar

I have just found this restaurant Monopoly board, designed by one of my favourite food bloggers, Melissa Foodie. LOVE it!


The rules are the same with a few minor differences…

Chance cards:
No queue at MEATLiquor. Move straight to go.
You’re in Soho and everywhere is no reservations. You’re starving and everywhere has a 3 hour wait. Go back 5 spaces.
You are recognised as a blogger and receive a free meal. Collect £70 for what you saved.

Community Chest cards:
You cancel a booking within 24 hours and lose your deposit – £50.
You are told to switch your camera flash off in a restaurant. SHAME. Pay the restaurant £10.
You have a public argument with a chef on Twitter. Put £30 in Free Parking.


Please follow Melissa on Twitter here.  And keep an eye on her blog, its fab.

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