Restaurants London – What Are Best About Them?


Real Indian Food


That’s a wide question if ever there was one. It’s almost too big to look at without first breaking it down a little.

There are, of course, huge numbers of restaurants in London. Asking what elements are best about all of them is a question with a focus so broad it becomes meaningless. A person might answer it by simply saying “they serve food” – and that would be a relevant answer to the question as it is expressed. So we have to take it apart, put it back together with some kind of slant.

When you think about the fast food restaurant in London stands out as a shining example of a place where the epithet “fast food” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “bad food”. To a large degree, this is because the population of London is so cosmopolitan. Huge ethnic groups have settled in the capital from all over the…

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