Uh, that’s Vaseline you’re eating.


I decided to be adventurous this week. I took recipes from the Food Network and attempted to master the expertise of food pornography by making my reproductions look as good as they do online. Below are the three pictures I took from the three recipes I was going to make: Shrimp Scampi, Clams Casino and Chocolate Mousse.

IG1C05_linguine-with-shrimp-scampi_s4x3_lg  0711p119-clams-casino-l  gl0605_mousse1_lg

Maybe its my lack of food photography literacy or my lack of food design literacy but my tasty concoctions did not look as mesmerizing, lip smacking and mouth-watering as the pictures did in the recipes. Although these dishes were made exactly the same way, the pictures above look like a perfection that I could not achieve. Why is that? Maybe it was my camera (I used my iPhone) or maybe the lighting was not right considering I’m the furthest thing from a professional photographer. I’ll tell you one thing…

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