UNCOOL: Food & Drink


Everything is cool.

Food & Drink is back! Is it COOL? Not so much.

The original programme, which stopped running in 2002 after twenty long years, was a massive success back in the day.

Everyone watched it, even me, and I was only in my smooth-skinned ‘teens. My idea of food and drink back then was a Strawberry Sensation Poptart and a Smirnoff Ice.

But I still loved tuning in, mainly to watch curly-haired blonde-bombshell Jilly Goolden chatting absolute shit about wine. We all laughed when she compared wines to the scent of smelly socks and summer sensations, but fast-forward a decade and everyone is obsessed with eating and loves chatting shit about wine, so in actual fact, well done Jilly: you were a maverick.


Now Food & Drink has returned and the nation’s sweetheart, Michel Roux Jr, hosts it. Which is about the only thing the reboot is doing right.


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