Which Came First, The Chicken…. Or Its Parts?


Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Walking through the meat section of your local grocery store looking at shrink wrapped package after shrink wrapped package its hard to even imagine that the meat in the packages could ever equate to a whole animal.

While I’ve never conducted a survey, I have a sneaking suspicion that, if asked, many shoppers would not be able to tell me which cuts of meat belong to which part of the, formerly living, chicken.  It is also extremely telling that, when examining grocery store prices, it is possible to get a whole chicken for between five and ten dollars depending on the sales, but a package of solo chicken breasts rarely goes below seven dollars.  Why are we paying the same amount for a singular part of a chicken when we can get the whole thing for the same, if not a better, price?

My guess is because we are living…

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