After much persuasion this Christmas i finally dragged Wills ass up a mountain to learn to snowboard with my mum dad and little sister. For my foodie genes we can blame/thank my mum, Meg. Dad would be happy with a cheese and pickle sandwich, every day! Well, perhaps interspersed with a steak & chips or a toad in the hole once in a while. We stayed in a cheap (one the 2nd most popular week in the year) kids Hotel. Don’t worry there was a bar. Delicious dinner every night, think the chef relished cooking for adults who didn’t have an endless string of dietary requirements and ‘allergies’. Will became a natural and enjoyed guilt tripping me for the amount aches and pains he had.

20121224_170803 20121224_170926   20121224_175105  20121224_175249 20121225_194026    20121225_200529 20121226_111310 20121226_113712 20121226_132056 20121226_132106 20121226_132207   20121228_113434 20121228_145818  20121228_145950  20121228_202702 20121228_202734 20121224_130930 20121224_165812 20121224_170146 20121224_170231  20121224_112912 20121224_124731  20121224_130755(0)


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