Osteria Dell’Arte


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This is the cutest little Italian restaurant/cafe i have ever been in. I mean it has a tree! It is decorated beautiful with brightly coloured pieces of artwork all over the walls which are whitewashed and put you immediately on the Sardinia coast. service is prompt and friendly. A waitress even noticed i was hankering after the freshly baked foccaccia sitting on a table behind (pictured right) and gave me a complimentary slice. For just £2.50 though you save yourself the embarrassment and get a whole selection with plump juicy olives. Perfect to share if you’re not quite up to a starter/main combo.

To start me and will shared the Carpacio and the Calamaretti both at £7.80 each. I adored the Calamaretti (wish i hadn’t shared now because that was my choice). The squid was so succulent and perfectly seasoned while the Polenta balls were were so light and fluffy, after the initial crunch they absolutely melted. Will’s Carpacio didn’t thrill me. I hadn’t had it before (horrifying i know for a self-proclaimed foodie) so i have nothing to compare with it but i found it disappointingly tasteless and i was also slightly put of by the texture. I know this is rich as i at the same time i was happily chomping on tentacle.

Over the main course we had a seemingly endless debate. Will wanted the Chicken (Petto di Pollo Arrosto). whilst I had a hankering for a lamb (Agnello Arrosto). we each wanted the other to get a pizza so we could share, because quite simply when the there’s a stone pizza oven one must have stone baked pizza. In the end I gave in and got to choose which pizza we opted for. All I ask of a pizza is that it be thin, crispy and covered in salami and chilis. Essentially the  SALAMINO PICCANTE incarnate. we also Got a little mixed salad which went perfectly with the pizza. The mains were lovely and the crispy Italian pizza did not disappoint. Couldn’t squeeze in half a panacotta or tiramisu if we’d wanted to.

Highly recommended.




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